Tall Girls Need Love Too!

Tall Girls Need Love Too!

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Nicara By Nicara_ Updated Apr 04

I want to write a story about a tall girl! Since no one writes about us! Soooo lets get this started. 

Azurée is a Victoria Secret Angel model she has been all over the world meeting new people. Then one day she had a one night stand with this guy name Leonardo Antonio Valenzano. 
She ends up having a beautiful little girl name Aida Antonia Valenzano. 

Azurée never told Leonardo that he has a child because she was afraid he would take her away from Azurée so she kept her daughter a secret.

She kept this secret long enough until she had to move to Italy for her business.

Leonardo is the most feared man in the world! He always gets what he wants! No matter what! 

Leonardo was a player but he wants to settle down and give up his old ways! He is tired of sleeping with different women every other night! He wants to be able took me home to a nice cooked meal, his children running around the house, his wife handing him a cup of scotch and he puts his feet up and watch tv. He wants the whole picked fence with the dogs and what not! 

Let's see what happens when Azurée and Leonardo meet again at a gala.  *wink wink* haha 

This story will make you sad, happy, mad, hell it might even make you laugh!  

I just want to try something different and see where this goes.

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