war of hormone.

war of hormone.

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yoongi ♚ jungkook. 

in which yoongi sends jungkook a dick pic.

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jungkooks_Thighs97 jungkooks_Thighs97 Nov 28, 2017
Hello hello 
                              hello hello 
                              tell me what you want right now
httpsjunhui httpsjunhui Nov 29, 2017
Who is this guy? Who is Hansol? Lmao 😂 i literally dont have any idea but tbh this guy's meme worthy, i luv it ❤️
Miu412 Miu412 Jan 05
Okay but if this is not the best way to start a new conversation with a stranger than I don't know whut is
spilled_bubble_tea spilled_bubble_tea Sep 02, 2017
Im gonna let this slide and pretend that u didnt know you can put pictures in your stories