Zayn Malik Fanfic

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Andy By ErrZaynMalik Updated 3 years ago
What happens when the girl he used to bully ever since they are kids suddenly became the perfect ideal girlfriend? After not seeing for 3 years, Zayn and his prey, Andy stumbled to each other’s lives again. But this time, she’s not the Andy he used to bully. She’s now the Andy that’s gonna work for One Direction as Assistant to Simon’s assistant.
How about the assistants assistant. That could be what you can call it.
Hey! I really like your fanfic! I was really hoping if you could read my fanfic its called " Arranged to.. WAIT! WHAT?!" Its a Zayn Malik one :)
awwwww it is so cute but umm  are they going to be GF AND BF I REALLY LIKE IT :)
I have a request for a title. Maybe 'Unconciously Inlove'? Just a suggestion cause I love the story... <3xx
I just wanna ask . . when are you gonna post the next chapter . . I find it so cute !
Try from Victim to Girlfriend? or The Bullied Shell Whose Now My Girlfriend.