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Confused Heart (Boy x Boy)

Confused Heart (Boy x Boy)

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Camjamson By Camjamson Completed

"Skylar," he whispered huskily.  I was pinned to the floor with both his arms beside my head. And he's...calling me in that voice. I'm trapped.  "I-I d-do-dont wan-t t-this," I said stuttering. What am I so afraid of to be stuttering this much? He couldn't possibly...?  ....He's not saying anything. I averted my eyes earlier, but the quietness is making me antsy. Maybe he does know. I know he's looking at me. I can feel it and...its making me hot.  "Haven't you learned your lesson already? You're a bad boy Skylar. And bad boys need to be punished."  Skylar Woodlock is the new student transferring in the middle of the school year because of an "accident" in the family. Skylar's a hotheaded mystery. Keeping one too many of his secrets closed...and himself. Of course, he just had to catch the eye of a rebel.  Meet Demetri Cross. A sweet guy, when he wants to be. Most would rather give him the name jackass or dipshit than the traditional bad boy. He only acts this way to protect himself, and others. He's intrigued by the new student, and wants him. For him and only him. But he has his ways of...doing things. Will there be a sweet love ending for these two? Or will their secrets bind them to a red abyss?  BTW..I DO NOT OWN THIS PIC! I searched google and...this sexyness came *U*. its from the game Dramatical Murder(DMMD) with the pairing noiz(in the yellow) x aoba(long blue hair). I would DEFINITELY recommend this game to yaoi lovers ;p. Aoba has dif. pairings like mink, koujaku, ren, etc. -----ALSO..forgot to add this..goddammit. Yes, this is a boy x boy, and I am YES going to put sexual content. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! This is the only time I'll remind ppl ^U^. So if u don't likes it have already been warned! Enjoy you beautiful ppl ;P   ©2013 Camjamson Copyright *Note: I own no claim over any photos or videos in this story. They belong to their respected owners.* All rights reserved.

Trippy-Trip Trippy-Trip Sep 22, 2016
I for one, ship Aoba and myself.
                              Virus: Shut up, he's mine.
lara_the_otaku lara_the_otaku Dec 24, 2016
I only clicked on it cause of the cover photo and for the yaoi :)
panda-girl-ally panda-girl-ally May 13, 2016
I showed my friend wattpad and she said I was gross and then read a chapter of a story I showed her and then deleted wattpad
I just came to comment that my name is also Skylar. A lady Skylar. Good day to you all.
Pandacorns312524 Pandacorns312524 Dec 16, 2015
Oh my lord I finally watch dramatical murders and I read this book more than 10x and now I finally know the guys in the picture Noiz and Aoi oh my lord I just died
Silent_Knight98 Silent_Knight98 Jul 26, 2015
yeay! i found a new pervert friend!! our story is the same.. but idgaf to what people say... hahahhaha