Untitled Incest (BXB)

Untitled Incest (BXB)

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Senpai Fighter By Musiciette Completed

Book One of the Untitled Series: 

Jayden isn't like your average teenage boy. Ever since the accident, he stopped talking to people. He always hid his feelings behind music. Especially his feelings for his brother, Mason. Maybe he would hate me. Jayden would think occasionally. A turn of events happened for Jayden. A kiss, a boyfriend, and many more. Can they ever be together with problems? It's a no in Jayden's mind. But in Mason's......you might want to double check.

"You never care!" I yell.

"Jayden of course I care." Mason growled back. 

"Yeah keep telling yourself that. Cause from now on, I am done waiting." 

Behind those cold, bitter words, lie sweet, loving words.

geeebear geeebear Dec 17, 2016
Yeah, my brother walked in on us and I changed my mind about having sex. That obviously means I'm cheating.
                              DUNT YOU KNOW IM HOMAN TOOOOOO???
Undeadshiper Undeadshiper a day ago
I'm at the beginning rn, and I squealed when you mentioned Hollywood Undead.
animeforlifebdjfnfh animeforlifebdjfnfh Oct 21, 2016
This story is just like that song "little do you know"I'm listening to it now.
Fleetfatfox12 Fleetfatfox12 Nov 28, 2016
Oh....this is so sad.I feel had for Jay.He's a lot like me.Being quiet and all.