Let Me Tell You

Let Me Tell You

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Zoe By SheniyJ Updated Nov 30

Keep your mouth shut.

I don't listen to myself. I couldn't care less about its plead. A hard slap comes to my face. I don't feel the sting, but the sound, I hear. "You ain't talking to me like that!" You can hear the anger in his voice. I should've taken that as a warning, but I keep on. "Tell me, Max. If Georgia was here, would you rape me? Abuse me? Lust after me, but get mad at me at the same time?" His hands curl into tight fists as I say my mother's name. I don't stop there either. "Do I look too much like her Max? Answer me! Do I fucking remind you of her too much?! Would you abuse her like you are doing to me MAX?!"


Aubree Russell has been through hell and is still in hell. She can't take it anymore. Her past, the present and she doesn't believe she has a future. Everyone hates her for no reason and the only friends she has, she believes that they only hang out with her out of pity. She can't stand.

Will our poor Aubree make it through, or will she let it all end?

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