The Billionaire's Assistant #Book1 [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

The Billionaire's Assistant #Book1 [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

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~cover by JaneConquestBackup~

I gawked at the room, it wasn't like any of the rooms I've been to, it was simply beyond beautiful.

"Thanks for showing me around."

I walked over to the king sized bed which had white sheets on it. I sat down on the bed and my  tense muscles relaxed a bit.

"So what's Alexander like?"

I turned my head to her direction raising my brows.

"No no! I meant what's working with Mr Braxton like?"

She blushed a deep shade of red and tucked a strand of hair behind are ear, shrugging it off I replied.

"Well...he's strict, intimidating, demanding, scary, and..."

"Hot, cute, dreamy."

She added with a sigh and I cocked my head to the side.

"Ahm, I mean, he's more than what you think he is Mackenzie, he's not your type *sigh* his scent is danger, have that in mind."


He was emotionless.
She was quite but had a nice personality.
She needed a job,
And he needed a new employee.

She was Mackenzie Williams,
He was Alexander Braxton.

What happens when she finds the right job in his company but with the wrong yet right person?

Known as a billionaire and CEO of Braxton's Enterprises, Alexander finds himself hiring Mackenzie Williams as his assistant with the words "She'll be gone in a week, why not give her a chance."

But did that happen? And is Alexander who he says he is? Or is he a much more powerful person? What will happen when Mackenzie realises that Alexander Knows more about her than she knows about herself?

Join Mackenzie Williams and Alexander Braxton as they go through an insane yet revealing journey with past events said and forgotten histories told.


Olivia453 Olivia453 Oct 20
I advice you not to put so many similar description like how look woman and that main heroine all time do when wake up. I think you can delete it or change in another way 😉
Rojesta Rojesta Sep 15
I cannot understand how she got so late,  and then left her papers.
Olivia453 Olivia453 Oct 20
Oh she had to take them. Big company doesn't forget such dispersion