Soulmates ☾☼ Phan

Soulmates ☾☼ Phan

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˗ˏˋ zoe ˎˊ˗ By phanisrealdotcom Updated Dec 27, 2016

On a certain day of the year every teen who has recently turned sixteen is required to get a unique tattoo imprinted on their wrist.

Whoever has the same symbol as you on their wrist is your soulmate.

Dan, the pastel asshole, and Phil, the strange boy in the hoodie, end up with the same symbol. 

But the real question is, is their love a mistake? Just an error in the strictly straight matching system?

leia_loves_phan leia_loves_phan Sep 07, 2016
STRICTLY STRAIGHT AHAH such a joke nothing is ever really straight anymore tbh
Phanfan_ Phanfan_ Oct 08, 2016
Omg this sounds great how do people come up with such ideas when all I can write is mainstream phanfiction that is later delete cuz I write as shīt
Wild-Awkward-Fangirl Wild-Awkward-Fangirl Nov 22, 2016
my second time reading since i haven't read it in so long 😂
spork666 spork666 Nov 02, 2016
I saw the description and instantly followed you because you're very creative and I like creative people because I'm not... :>
The1975AndGayThings The1975AndGayThings Oct 19, 2016
I'm calling it now that this will be one of the only soulmate aus I will like
PastelMarks PastelMarks Sep 25, 2016
I never read these but very spicy if I do say so myselfy welfy