Make Love Your Goal ✔️ [COMPLETED]

Make Love Your Goal ✔️ [COMPLETED]

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Lia M By MLYGhost Completed

When working together on a music collaboration, Lucy and Scott are hit by overwhelming feelings and constantly lose control when alone, but are both held back by their personal demons.

Overcoming their pasts is not even the biggest challenge as they face many taboos surrounding sexuality and sexual orientation, some within the LGBTQ+ community itself. The validity of bisexuality is questioned and they end up facing prejudice from both sides.

Together with their friends, they are the representation of a multi-cultural, multi-racial world and their colourful personalities come together, forming a friendship with strong bonds of love and acceptance.

Can they stick together and fight for what's right? Can they show the world that true love sees no gender, no religion and no race? Will they succumb to hate?

They live special lives but they are human beings who love, laugh and hurt. The problems they face are real issues in the world today and their struggles with family acceptance, religion, society respect and prejudice will be discussed throughout.
Please read with an open mind and open heart because the message is simply
Lia xx
Some MATURE CONTENT!!! Bad language and sex references throughout (12a in UK cinema rating, borderline 15. :-))
Steamier scenes (still not graphic) are all tagged so they can be avoided by younger readers without losing any content.

  • acceptance
  • bisexual
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beautiful_losthearts beautiful_losthearts Mar 28, 2017
That's really considerate! I'm not into to 'steamy' so that helps me enjoy this more. 😊
AkitoZero AkitoZero Dec 27, 2016
Wait a minute...I just realized that this was about Pentatonix!!! AHH CAROL OF THE BELLS IS FIRE!!!
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 Nov 07, 2016
Love kicks you time the curb all the time...I'm afraid of it lol😑
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 Nov 07, 2016
One more thing before I get my irritating ass out of here, I really like the cover. If you make💕😀
Penname_Zoe Penname_Zoe Jan 13, 2017
No ones a this or a that anymore. I like it like that..its a shame that others like lables, still.
paudickson paudickson Jan 20, 2017
I love everything this book stands for. Can't wait to meet these characters