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Make Love Your Goal

Make Love Your Goal

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Lia By MLYGhost Updated a day ago

It had been so long since Lucy last felt this giddy or felt any joy at all in fancying someone.
      She had shut herself off and anyone trying to get close to her would be summarily dismissed or get sent straight to the friendzone. Could that be the difference? Scott was not trying. He was just being himself and she'd gone down like a stone in the sea.
      Would it be a mistake? But then she remembered what she felt that night: how she had been connected to him; how wonderful his touch was; his skin, his scent, the feeling of him inside her... she felt a sudden heat and had butterflies in her stomach.
      Whatever it was, it was worth it.
      He was worth the risk.
    ***Don't be put off by the FANFICTION side! I promise you it's perfectly understandable without knowing Pentatonix***
      When Pentatonix are invited to collaborate with British Supergroup CALIS (Chalice), Scott is hit by waves of unexpected feelings, rattling a part of himself he thought was settled.
      In a world where sexuality and sexual orientation still carry many taboos - including within the LGBTQ+ community - bisexuality, especially for men, may be one of the biggest.
      True love sees no gender, no religion and no race and true friends will stay and fight against prejudice.
      Facing prejudice is never easy and the added shock of reverse prejudice makes it that much harder.
      Just remember:
      Lia xx
      Some MATURE CONTENT!!! Bad language and sex references throughout (12a in UK cinema rating, borderline 15. :-))

AkitoZero AkitoZero Dec 27, 2016
Wait a minute...I just realized that this was about Pentatonix!!! AHH CAROL OF THE BELLS IS FIRE!!!
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 Nov 07, 2016
Love kicks you time the curb all the time...I'm afraid of it lol😑
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 Nov 07, 2016
One more thing before I get my irritating ass out of here, I really like the cover. If you make💕😀
NataliaBritt NataliaBritt Sep 17, 2016
I feel the same way. Too many judgmental people around and too many books that don't properly describe that topic or depict it in a realistic way
ZoeZarson ZoeZarson Jan 13
No ones a this or a that anymore. I like it like that..its a shame that others like lables, still.
PauDickson PauDickson Jan 20
I love everything this book stands for. Can't wait to meet these characters