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Reading PJO: The Lightning Thief

Reading PJO: The Lightning Thief

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the_akward_fangirl By the_akward_fangirl Updated Mar 11

Hello again.

So, this is a book (obviously) and it's about demigods, a satyr, and an oracle reading the books (equally as obvious) with the gods. If you want to see (and by 'see' I mean read) embarrassing moments from the dorky and oblivious Peter Johnson, join (and by 'join' I means read) the characters from Rick Riordan's books and the gods and goddesses.

Have fun (and by 'Have fun,' I mean please enjoy)!

*If you find any errors, please tell me! And I love feedback!*

Leyna6453 Leyna6453 Mar 09
Yeah Leo ,Percy could work really well together like in the book the Blood of Olympus
Why Apollo why?!?! Why do I have to have such and embarrassing cousin?
sunangel123 sunangel123 Apr 15
SOLANGELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*squeals so loudly it make Aphrodite jealous*
Ksc2014 Ksc2014 Apr 17
My face is now permanently stuck in a freaky smile. I swear, Mt mum took one look at my face and asked me if I was on drugs. The freaky part is I almost told her yes. You have to admit, Perseus Jackson is addicting
He doesn't have to apologize. He doesn't do anything bad. She cursed Annabethe!!!
Finally found a good Percy Jackson fanfic book 😍😍😍 Thank you !!!!