The Bad Girl's A Virgin

The Bad Girl's A Virgin

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Sequel to The Nerds A Street Fighter

Francis and Ethan are now in high school. Ethan is the popular jock and Francis is the schools bad girl. 

When a new kid comes to the school, he's known as the schools bad boy. He's been transfered to many schools since he's gotten in so many fights and he has gotten caught with drugs at the school. Then, One girl catches his eye and that girl is Francis.

They start to date yet things don't go perfectly. They end things and still are Friends that still have mad feelings for each other.
Everything is great, until someone finds out that The Bad Girl's A Virgin and makes a deal with Jared that's when things begin to be difficult.

~  ~  ~
"Take Francis's virginty away"

I take a step back and look at him in shock. "W-what?"

His smirk widened's as he takes out another blunt placing it between his lips and lighting it up. Taking a puff he extends his hand with the blunt offering me. I stare at me coldly "I don't smoke" 

He shrugs. "Suit yourself." After another puff he finally answers my question. "You want me to leave Jessica alone and never come back into her life. Okay then. Let's make a deal then. I heard a certain bad girl still has her virginty. Well you Mr. Hot shot of the whole damn school likes her, and she likes you. Well how more perfect can it be to take that virginty away. After all a girls virginty is a girls most valuable treasure. Something mostly every girl wants to save til marriage or until they find that special someone." ...

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The_unknown6245 The_unknown6245 Nov 16, 2016
I swear this has actually happened to me! Me and this kid hate each other and he's always in my class so every time we both see each other we both yell "you!"
yesbitchimawriter yesbitchimawriter Aug 04, 2016
Girl I love this book ppplllleeeaaasssseee update. This book is bomb af