I Believe in Magic - Phan

I Believe in Magic - Phan

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❤ SweetLittlePhangirl ❤ By SweetLittlePhangirl Updated Jan 05

Magic, illusion, love and destruction...

Phil Lester came into this world like anyone else. However, he is far from normal. Born with intense magic powers, he has trained his entire life with a teacher to help him control himself so that he may live a normal and safe life without endangering himself or others. 

When he finally gets an opportunity to be on his own, Phil auditions for a magic and variety show in the city, where he meets the young proprietor Dan Howell. He is hired on the spot for his outstanding skill. Dan becomes intrigued by the talent of this new magician, but as he gets closer with him, he begins to think...

Is it really all just an illusion?

(Triggers: graphic injuries, bodily cuts and flesh wounds (not self harm), blood, physical abuse, mild verbal and emotional abuse, mild angst, mentions of death)

(credits to @chemicalcrybaby for the outstanding cover!!)

Moiistheuniverse Moiistheuniverse Aug 03, 2016
Cool idea, I can't wait! Don't worry about writers block, no one should pressure you to write. I support you work, and really enjoy it!
MyJamsAreInfires MyJamsAreInfires Nov 02, 2016
no normal person can be as white as the moon and yet shine brighter than the sun
MyJamsAreInfires MyJamsAreInfires Nov 02, 2016
boi u genius if u can fix it better than Bob the builder, but still can't say mommy
toomuchtoptrash toomuchtoptrash Nov 01, 2016
I believe in Magic, Joshler and I believe in Phan. Literally all you need in life. And this book because yah know, AWESOME
ByeIHaveToGoRead ByeIHaveToGoRead Nov 18, 2016
Okay I already love this book.... Time to stay up until 1:00 am and be completely anti-social until I finish this book!!!
existentialphan existentialphan Dec 30, 2016
if my child started doing shīt like that i'd call a fūcking priest, I'm not even religious, but  like hell no I don't want some demon child