Read for Read, comment for comment, plus more! [OPENED]

Read for Read, comment for comment, plus more! [OPENED]

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HungryPizza By rock_dreamer Completed

Are you a new author and want to get more reads on your book? 
Or are you an old pro and your book just doesn't get the fame you hoped it would after you poured your heart and soul into it? 
Either way, you're in the right place! 
This book is for you guys to get more reads, comments, and even follows if you want!
Take a look inside :)


*Please share this book with your followers so it spreads and can help more people👍

s_abdo s_abdo a day ago
if you could check out my story The Interview i would appreciate it
qqueensarah qqueensarah 2 days ago
i'll do follow for follow and read for read! reply to this comment if you're interested. my book is "project fake nerd" read mine first and i'll vote and comment on all chapters of your book!
s_abdo s_abdo a day ago
Pm for read for read, follow for follow. I also leave comments!
bootyfulpotato bootyfulpotato 2 days ago
Heyyy pm me guys for any deal u want ^^ :) my book is what lies beneath ,u can also just give me one vote to notify me
Harunolary Harunolary 15 hours ago
Read for read, comments for comments, vote for vote, follow for follow, update for update. Please if interested PM me ^_^
roselysunset roselysunset 3 days ago
I do genuine read for reads. Pm me with a request. My book The Glory of Souls is only 7 parts. I leave votes and comments too.