Side by side

Side by side

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"Have you ever considered how big of a bitch you are?" Marshall asks me. I've had enough of his shit already! The way he talks to me and the way he treats me is way over the line. I've never liked him and I never will and even though I've tried to keep it professional then I just can't because for some reason he doesn't like me either. 
"Have you considered that you should maybe just shut up sometimes?" I say rolling my eyes as I keep my eyes on the numbers on the paper.
"Maybe I need to remind you that you actually work for me Jenny." Marshall says with arrogance in his tone and I can't help but laugh at him.
"I work for Interscope, not for you." I correct him.
"Just get this shit done." He says and throws me a stack of paper on the table.

Jenny gets a new job as an accountant on Interscope Records where she's doing all the accounting on Shady Records, but she doesn't really get along with Eminem as they can't stand each other. Jenny has never been into Eminem's music or his way of behaving and even though he's sober now then Jenny still stick by her opinion about him. Eminem doesn't like Jenny because she just gave him a horrible first expression. How is it gonna work when you're working site by site with your enemy?

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DID YOU JUST CALL HALEY...I think that's how you spell it or maybe hallie...STUPID???!?!? FIGHT ME.
emshadymarsh emshadymarsh Aug 15, 2016
Ugh why is all your stories so perfect 😂😂 I'm in love already