The Sky Left Already

The Sky Left Already

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Iz By idiez99 Updated Oct 28

Yes, it's a khr fanfiction.Sorry, it might seem cliche but who cares!
'It's fine.They'll remember me.They won't forget.T-they won't abando-.'

A silent tear rolls down his cheek as he sits on a stool in a dark corner of a room.The male watches them from a distance.From there, he could see his family huddling around a boy around his age.None of them casting a glance to where the male was.Not even his parents.His eyes dulled as he continued to watch the scene.

'I-I'm sorry.I'm sorry for believing and trusting you, my family.'

The boy gave a painful smile and stood up.He walked over to them and spoke aloud so, everyone could hear.

"I'm sorry and thank you.I'll be leaving now." 

He put a hand on one of their shoulders but, it was shrugged off not long after. The man then walked away. Even so, no one had looked his way once. 
I'm tryin not to die... I'll add more details to what's happening in the story... anyways bye...

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Uh .. well damn.... Either some old bullies or Reborn. Unless the guardians call him 'Dame-Tsuna' now...
Kise? What are you doing in khr?! Go back to kuroko no basket! XD
*dies of cuteness* 👼*is now angel going to anime heaven* HECK YEAH!!!!
SainSaavy SainSaavy Sep 09
Reborn...You have no right to call Tsuna-chama that anymore.
Is Naruto here?  Is he disguised as Kawahira and acts different?  XD
I like to copy kanji for the hell of it but I saw this and was like