Two Birds On A Wire || NewScapePro X Reader

Two Birds On A Wire || NewScapePro X Reader

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Camera_Kiddo By SunsetMagyk Completed

Walking back home, I hear a sound in a slightly dimmed alleyway. So like anybody with a rather large sense of curiosity, I strolled into it. Doing a full 360 degree turn, I slammed into someone's chest. Don't worry, it was a guy. Actually, please do!

   "Well, well, well. Look who we have here . . ." The man chuckled darkly, the shadows still covering his facial features. This does NOT look good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   Y/N is a kind, rediculously shy and innocent looking, young and beautiful twenty-year-old girl. For a tomboy, she is extremely stylish, but not on purpose.

   Cory is a young, handsome man who somehow got a camera for a face. For a dude, he knows how to rock any outfit given, and gets pulled into bunches of little city adventures by Nick.

   Nick and Tessa are just their roommates, best friends, and all around cool people. Tessa is from the city, and rents an apartment to live in with Y/N, from the quiet countryside. Cory lives in the city, with Nick from the country as well.

   As soon as the new neighbors greet the girls, what are the after-events? Read to find out!

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GoldenGoddess5101 GoldenGoddess5101 Apr 03, 2017
- - Apr 08, 2017
Am I Napstablook in this part or is this an Undertale refrence?
I don't like it at all but ok I have a amazing mine craft  skin
thatoneyoshikid thatoneyoshikid Jul 05, 2017
                              Person: NO DON'T-
                              Me: A FILM THEROY!
                              Person: NOOOOO *explodes*
Gisselle-Writes Gisselle-Writes Jul 08, 2017
Not true I can get near a lack of wolves ok Coyotes are nothing to be around same with raccoons (I live in a wooded area)
Gisselle-Writes Gisselle-Writes Jul 08, 2017
Not true!!! Honestly girls say I look hot
                              For my age an I'm under's creepy..