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Simanda One Shots

Simanda One Shots

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nigela_naska By nigela_naska Updated 5 days ago

So as I said I make one shots in the instagram account called "" I hope you enjoy Simanda shippers...but please tell me some of your ideas too...I'll make them and I hope that you like them!

ElionaIslami ElionaIslami Aug 09, 2016
Omg omg this one was perfect loved this storyy♥♥
ElionaIslami ElionaIslami Aug 03, 2016
Aww loved itt ♡♥....Girl You got  talentt ♡♥ Love you ♥
melanieklau03 melanieklau03 Aug 12, 2016
Awe! For the first time, it was brilliant! At first I was like, damnnnnn Alesha and Simon, a couple!? Then j went okay now I'm dumb. Alesha knows everything... Great chapter! Love you! ❤️
melanieklau03 melanieklau03 Aug 12, 2016
That was so cute! If I were in the audience, I be like "SIMANDA FOREVER! WHOOOOOOHHH!!!" And hoping that they just leave the room. Lol! Love the story! ❤️❤️
cookieisbae29 cookieisbae29 Aug 09, 2016
AWWWW LOOOLLLL Everyone was like... wtf in the auditorium xD
lovingmisskincaid lovingmisskincaid Nov 08, 2016
How have you not fallen with the first few seconds of running. I just step in a pair of high heels & I fall flat on my ass 😂