Kalos High - An Amourshipping Story

Kalos High - An Amourshipping Story

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Serena Yvonne, a 16 year old high school student lives a normal life alongside her friends at the prestigious Kalos High.

But, when a new kid comes along, how will Serena's life change? And how will it change the life of others?

Will it destroy relationships, friendships or will more come from it?

hiya2810 hiya2810 Jul 18
This feeling, grasshopper, is called love. In other words, Cupid hit a bullseye right on your heart. I'm used to it
_Cami_2003 _Cami_2003 Nov 02, 2016
Love this story!!!! The ideas for it are pretty original! #AmourshippingFanfic
SquaadZulu SquaadZulu Mar 02
Ash isnt dense enough to notice her blushes, but too dense to know shes blushing at him
I read Professor Bitch😂😂 and NOT Professor Birch😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oops😅
Great. Proff. Sycamore is my fav Proffesor, but you have him as a Science teacher. GREEAAATTTT. (That is what I'm failing)