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otp4ever By otp4ever Updated Feb 13

"Can I have your number?"
  "I literally just gave you your first drink for tonight."
   "It's not like I asked for your home address!"
   "Anything else you would like to order?"
   "How about that number? Because I find you very- I mean very..."
   "If you said attractive and want to have sex with me in the bathroom. I will personally throw you out of the door."
   "I was gonna say interesting. You are so..."
   "Don't you dare call me cute. I will not hesitate and will poison your food."
        #43 rank, awesome :D Thank you everyone. 
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TruthIzMe TruthIzMe Feb 16
It is not fair to be this beautiful. Especially for a guy with talent. I may be a girl, but come on, he is so beautiful!
Vixoria Vixoria Jan 29
Well jeez. Someone's in a bad mood, Mr."I will poison your food"
diyasingh987 diyasingh987 Aug 12, 2016
this is beautiful, justin and zayn. i thought i am going to be counting my gray hair before you would let them meet. but you just blasted them in the first chapter. this good i am gonna cry because ZAyniee is that awesome.
pooja_ghaie_21 pooja_ghaie_21 Aug 12, 2016
LOVE ZUSTIN, you are otp, seriously, this is awesome. i am sure it's going to be the best of ZUSTIN's stories.
amber2000girl amber2000girl Aug 02, 2016
Can't wait for more updates. The summary sounds interesting can't wait for the rest of the book. 😀😀🤓
lorde4323 lorde4323 Oct 29, 2016
I remember reading this like Ima fall in love if I haven't already