Breaking you was a mistake

Breaking you was a mistake

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Pètáłś 🥀 By lilidaUNICORN7 Updated Apr 18

Olivia Jane Aka liv fall in deep love with her Bestfriends brother Caleb Logan Leblanc but little did she know that her worst enemy Katie would shatter her heart by dating her crush, 4years past and Olivia is trying to move on on Caleb to spice things up they will both end up in the same room for there whole collage 
Life, liv has changed now and she can get any guy she wants  and Caleb can't really take his eyes off her , liv met a new guy but Caleb keep distancing her away from anyone and they started getting emotional when both of them gets there heart broke. but the real question is, will they get back together ? Does Caleb keep leave from guys because he is the one he loves her? Do they still have feelings for eachother? Keep reading to know. 

Girls: 15 / 19
Boys: 17 / 21
Hayley: 14 / 18
Brody and Ryan: 14/ 18 

Disclaimer : 

- this story contains MATURE LANGUAGE and may contain a sexual features but don't be scared I will warn you when it gets smutty.

- I might have some English spelling and writing mistakes so I really hope you correct me if u saw anything wrong.
 - this is a total caliv book 

- if anyone tells me to stop sexualizing the kids well 1. Am not!! 2. They are way much older in this book then real life 3. Don't even read my book if you think I sexualize them :).

I hope you enjoy this book you guys!!
Love you all ❤️

; lili ?

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