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Aditya Deshmukh By adityadd Updated Aug 30, 2017

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Winner of the Blooming Author Awards in Best Horror category 2017

Paranormal is a great genre. Writers love writing it, readers love reading it. But both consider it, like most of us may rightly think, fictitious. However, sometimes, our rational minds might just synchronize with this other side, the unknown mysterious side of the world - the paranormal. Then all of the fiction may not seem truly fictitious. 

Whether it really exists, or is just another obsession of fanatics, one can't say with absolute certainty. Most of the times we falsely convince ourselves that whatever strange we happened to notice was just a product of our irrational imaginations. But can we say with 100% certainty that it had nothing to do with reality?

A fact doesn't leave room for possibilities. 

Join Louis on a similar journey. Witness her struggle as a lawyer defending a possessed victim which forces her to see what lies beyond the veil. The veil that separates this reality from the other equally true reality. Witness her rationality,  as some might say, getting tarnished with unnatural imaginations, when actually, it just enters another realm of possibilities.  Walk with her in the unseen world.

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