Take Me~ Maid X Male Reader Master

Take Me~ Maid X Male Reader Master

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Maiden By https-angel Updated Apr 13

One night, you went out with your friends to play a game of Gambling, when you noticed a hot maid that was hired by one of your friends. After winning the game, you ask for the Maid.

And once you take her home, you discover that she was always horny and was always used as a toy.

Now with a horny maid who is desperately in love with you living in your house, what will you do?

A/N: Please don't question my story line. It's a story so of may seem unrealistic or wrong. Thank you to those who understand

vill47 vill47 May 13
Adem: Well thank you captain obvious.
                              Me: It's Captain piss off to you lieutenant sarcasm!
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 24, 2016
I am a guy. Well I think I am. Oh wait there's my penis. I am a guy.
Storyblazer Storyblazer Feb 19
Lemme ask a question if im triggered by this them im a feminist and if i punch a girl with ENOUGH reasons then im called an evil sexist?
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 24, 2016
Woah this guy. He went from hello sir to your daughter calls me daddy too in a minute.
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Oct 24, 2016
I was at the rich people's pub. Because I'm rich. Well I guess that makes sense.
daddysj daddysj Nov 01, 2016
Im not-buttt since im bi i can imagine that-u already get it.