MiniCat Hybrid Story [ON HOLD]

MiniCat Hybrid Story [ON HOLD]

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Craig a teen at the age of 16 is bullied and abused every day of his life.One day while walking home a black van follows him then he is rushed by people in lab coats and suits.This starts his life as a hybrid being tested on and beaten everyday.Until one faithful day he is saved and taken to his saviors house till his dad takes him back that is.

Now Tyler on the other hand was already a hybrid with the rest of his crew.People don't dare bother them because to them they're fucking scary.He and his crew decide to try and ambush the science facility that turned them into hybrids in the first place.

On one fateful day Tyler and the crew save Craig from nearly being beaten to death by scientists.Will they become friends or will they become more.Will they learn about his secrets.Find out in this story to get the answers you want.

First fan-fic ever.
If you don't like Abuse, Self Harm, Cursing, Rape, and/or Boy X Boy, Then do not read.

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FoxFire360 FoxFire360 Aug 06, 2016
Opps I spelled hots instead of hit but imma keep it there cuz i find it funny
cacklingyeens cacklingyeens Oct 11, 2016
Its a beautiful day outside
                              Birds are singing
                              Flowers are blooming
                              On days like these kids like you
                              Sհօմӏժ ҍҽ ҍմɾղíղց íղ հҽӏӏ
CharminNootIsGudNoot CharminNootIsGudNoot Nov 10, 2016
*Megalovania starts playing* *CS decides to yell the song* DADADADADADADAADADADAADADADSDADADAAAAADAAAAAAA
zombieplayz zombieplayz Aug 30, 2016
                              GOD DAMMIT 
                              Looks like Craig's dad is gonna have a bad time *eye slowly has a red and blue flame*
salley_rebelle07 salley_rebelle07 Jan 01, 2017
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like this, kids liked you. . . . . should be burning in hell. *megalovania starts*