~Undertale Tickle Shorts~

~Undertale Tickle Shorts~

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Katie Needs Tickles By punmastr_7 Updated Aug 01

|~Cover created by @didibelieber3013~| 
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A book filled with adorable and clever short stories, including people's Ocs and different Undertale characters, inlcuding the AUs. Most of the stories have been requested by a fellow reader, each with their own ticklish twist and cute ending to it. 

This book is supposed to be about love, care, happiness, and even a little tickle torture. But sin, smut, and anything between that is forbidden from this book. 

Short stories may take a little while to come out, but the writer tries her best to get them out to you as soon as possible. All you have to do is read, vote, and wait for the next one. 

And in the comment section of each story, feel free to leave your opinion on how you felt about the story. Of course, it isn't required!

I hope you enjoy this cute and tickly book, and I hope it fills you with determination!~

Writer of Undertale Tickle Shorts
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Undertale characters or any other characters in this book. Except my original character, Pun.

WARNING: Slow updates
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He went from,
                              "TICKLE TICKLE SANS" to "NOW, YOU IDIOT" all in 3 minutes Lol
Undyne: Where's Frisk? Sans, go find her
                              Sans: You cod it, bass!
                              Undyne: Hmm! *finger*
Quick question,"Why are you making fan fics instead of actually make an undertale book?"
*I checked the time, waiting for Sans to then run out of air.* Any minute now...🙂
Since requests are open, could you make a fic about underfell Papyrus attempting to bond with his Sans?
                              The whole world explodes. And that's how you beat Undertale. 🙂