Most Wanted (Natsu X Reader) [Complete]

Most Wanted (Natsu X Reader) [Complete]

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Etherious Queen By _Tartaros_Etherious_ Completed

Erza, Gray, Lucy, Happy and the whole guild gets mad at Natsu for no reason and kick him out of 
Fairy Tail. When Natsu meets one of Fiore' Most Wanted criminals he follows her and immediately become friends. 

What happens when the Fairy Tail guild wants him back. Will he stay with (y/n) or will he go back?
Find out in the book. 

I don't own Fairy Tail or its characters. Hiro Mashima does not me. I wish!

I made the book cover. By an app I downloaded.

Nishin_Ryuu Nishin_Ryuu Oct 28
What's wrong with these kids?! They just met a criminal and now they're friends!
Y'all.... Please tell be I'm not the only one who laughed at that
"Bond. James Bond."
                              And thus a bootyful ship of James Bond and Natsu Dragoneel.
                              It's so bootyful, it makes me cry.
TheToxicGalaxy TheToxicGalaxy 4 days ago
No thanks, too cliché. I will crush any NaLu shipper I see irl.
"Emi, Emi Heavenlys." 
                              "Natsu, Natsu Dragoneel." 
                              AND THUS THE SHIP OF NAMI BEGAN😳
I ship NaLu but I also ship GraTsu.... NaLu is possible soon to be cannon ship but GraTsu is just a nice fun, funny (hot) ship