Persuade Me

Persuade Me

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Angela Ziegler(Mercy) and Gabriel Reyes(Reaper) were apart of a group called Overwatch. Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison(solider 76) led Overwatch, until morrison's skills got him promoted. Then Reyes moved to a command called Blackwatch. (a covert operations unit.) Then Overwatch gets disband/torn apart and the PETRAS ACT renders all Overwatch activity. 

Angela & Gabriel: After the war with the Omnic Crisis, Angela and Gabriel start to see life better with each other, but then an explosion happens at Overwatch's Swiss headquarters mysteriously kills both Reyes and Morrsion. 
Angela is heartbroken by the news and takes Reyes claimed death with sorrow. 

Years past and Angela runs an foster program and now finds out what really happened to Gabriel. Will Mercy and Reaper get a happy ending even if they might not love each other anymore?

(ALL Overwatch uses in the story GO TO Blizzard and photos in the story go to the rightful owners.  if you can't handle the mature content then don't read. you have been warned.)

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Amazesinner Amazesinner Nov 27, 2016
@Gatorkid365 @624680S I'm glad you both love it the song is called Every breath you take by chase holfelder
624680S 624680S Nov 27, 2016
Hi! Just wanted to say that your story is amazing, along with the story trailer. I also want to know, what song did you use for the trailer? I think a good number of people want to know that. I like the song and I want to download it to my iPod, that's why; the song is that good.