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smiley_rileyxx By smiley_rileyxx Updated Jan 05, 2018

Reversed: A C. L. Stone Academy Fanfiction

What if everything was reversed? What if Sang Sorenson met the Toma Team first? What if the innocent girl we know and love, wasn't so innocent? What if the death of her older twin brother at her step-mother's hands was the final push she needed to grow a backbone & get out? What if the Academy was her solution? 

Disclaimer: No copyright is intended. I own nothing aside from the plot. The world of the Academy and the wonderful characters that belong to it are owned solely by Miss C. L. Stone and that beautiful mind of hers. No profit has been or will be made from this fanfiction. This is purely for entertainment purposes. Please enjoy.

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jess_u_up jess_u_up Mar 01, 2018
Agreed. Why grab? Especially if you’re Academy. Use your words.
lexiloo7 lexiloo7 Mar 20, 2017
So depressing so well written I can't wait till the boys find out more about her past
MinaRosings MinaRosings Jun 17, 2017
ooo I loved that "if i'm being honest with you" it reminds me of the catcher in the rye! love the writing style <3
Psychic_Bookworm Psychic_Bookworm Jun 18, 2017
Psh, forget the rest of you. I love sleepovers AND group hugs. Being from a big family contributed to that.
lexiloo7 lexiloo7 Mar 20, 2017
Rereading this story and falling in love all over again sang I'd awesome
Psychic_Bookworm Psychic_Bookworm Jun 18, 2017
You know, I feel like if there are ghost dogs in the Academy (and there probably are), I wouldn't like it. It just sounds so weird and not as good as Ghost Bird. So yeah. Just being random.