Mated to my enemy

Mated to my enemy

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I am.... A UNICORN! By diamondsparkles1 Completed

"No no no no this can't be happening!" I say. 

"Dude chill, what's wrong?" asked Ben. 

"No she can't be why her, out of every girl there is of course had to be her, ugh!"


"Kingston! Kingston is my mate!"


"Yes! But I can just reject her right?"

"You're screwed"

"Wow thanks, you're such a big help!"

Daphne Kingston is an only child and lives with her dad. After her mom abandoned her, she's had to learn things for herself since her dad is always working so that he can put food on the table. So she has to deal with chores, school and above it all, her worst enemy, Arron Cole. 

Arron Cole is the "bad boy" at school. He does as he pleases. He is also a werewolf and will become alpha, once he turns 18, of the Crescent Moon Pack. He will also find his mate, which is none other than his enemy, Daphne Kingston. 

Will Daphne and Arron accept each other? How will Daphne react after Arron tells her he's a werewolf? Will they be able to put their differences aside and eventually fall in love? Read to find out!

Unedited! Oh and please don't copy my ideas.

**Under major editing and rewriting!!!!!!

Dammm she's pretty! I can go for her and I'm a girl N straight! 😂😂
Quince101 Quince101 Aug 07
U know I'm really fed up of all the main characters looking like gods because I have a heart attack every time I see a pic of them
kjameson_32 kjameson_32 May 04
I wish I looked like that, but I will forever be trapped in the ugly stage
I took a really quick look at "Mate to daphnee" and I thought it said "mate to daddy" I died
Lol That led one way to put it but seriously u did good so far
sareena_15 sareena_15 Jan 04
I like it better when there are swears because it's fun af to swear my fav thing 😂😂😭😂😂😭👏🏻THOT AND CUN.ttt