Partner For Life (ElixUmi fanfiction AU)

Partner For Life (ElixUmi fanfiction AU)

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Ko Yagami By YuriWriter Updated Nov 16, 2016

Umi Sonoda is just an ordinary girl that likes to read and write stories. All her life,she wanted to experience a love story just like in the story she was writing. In that story,she was dating the girl of her dreams..her Prince Charming. Sweet moments such as going to the movies,strolling in the park,lots of holding hands and lots of kissing in her story just makes her feel lonely and almost desperate of having such a partner...

She has standards for that partner though,her type is a girl who is much taller than her,blonde,has blue eyes and has russian in her blood. Yes,Umi is a lesbian and is looking for that kind of partner,but at the same time,she knows that she won't be finding her prince charming. EVER.

But unexpectedly...

She met one and that girl is just like the fictional character in her story!

Will Umi's own love story come true?

DISCLAIMER:I do not own the characters nor the anime. Thanks! :) 

NOTE: Just in case you guys don't know AU means Alternate Universe.

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