A Demigod And A Wizard {Percy Jackson X Reader X Harry Potter}

A Demigod And A Wizard {Percy Jackson X Reader X Harry Potter}

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Do It For The Vine By demigodnextdoor Updated Nov 18, 2016

A demigod and a wizard fighting for your love.

You're Y/N L/N, the smartest student in Hogwarts. What happens if Percy and his crew come to Hogwarts? Drama. Love triangle. Love

**DISCLAIMER** I DON'T OWN Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus or Harry Potter

A Demigod or A Wizard?

It's Your Choice

PLUS NICO IS STRAIGHT. Sorry Solangelo shippers

No joke i told my freind about Perssasy and she thinks thats his actule name insted of percy 😂its hilarious
You should have kept Annabeth a girl cause she could gave dated dome ass hole
Daunt_Sama Daunt_Sama Jun 28
Wait there's gonna be a problem 
                              If I call out "PERCY" 
                              Both Weasley and Jackson are gonna come
?: Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
                              Me: 😐😐.......
                              ?: choose.
                              Me: Percabeth shipper and daughter of Poseidon😂😂✌😉 soooo Harry!!
lola_bean_ lola_bean_ Aug 04
This makes me uncomfortable because im gay but I really like this
                              La Muerte (I'm weird and latina it makes sense to my friends)