Akane Kuran: The Unwanted [Vampire Knight Fan-Fic]

Akane Kuran: The Unwanted [Vampire Knight Fan-Fic]

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• ᴄʜᴀʏsᴇ • By itschayse Updated Jan 07

You could say I was always unwanted as a child. The only person who had ever noticed me was my big brother Kaname. You'd think Juuri and Haruka would because they are my parents, but, to them I was a monster. Soon I found out why they despised me so much, my eyes. Instead of the brown-red color of their eyes my eyes are blood-red, the color of my uncle, Rido Kuran's, eyes.
The only one keeping me from running away from the manor was Kaname. But soon he mistreated me as well. He betrayed me, even when he said he loved me.
Enough had been enough. On the night I find out Juuri was expecting a baby I ran away from the no good Kurans. After all, Kaname had accepted to be married to our unborn sibling. I was suppose to marry him! If he agreed to marry her, he'd never notice me again.
I decided to run to the hands of my uncle. Surely he would be better to me than Juuri and Haruka. He would be kind to me and treat me the way I've always wanted to feel...loved.
  My name is Akane Kuran and this is my story.


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Dashisenpai Dashisenpai Jan 03
Iron and steel will bend and bow bend and bow bend and bow iron and steel will bend and bow my fair lady :)
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                              “Build it up with iron and steel, iron and Steel, iron and steel” 
                              *builds the wall slowly(alone)*
caarieslaventa caarieslaventa May 07, 2017
This is me, 100% except for love animal, because i ain't love animal, , i love food😄
Foenix8 Foenix8 Dec 07, 2017
😐😡 The hell?! He went 180 pretty fast. Maybe he has a reason for accepting? I hope so or else he's really hateful.
DemonDeanAndShisui DemonDeanAndShisui May 27, 2017
It is me but I only show my kind side to strangers heheheheheheehehehahahahahahahahahahahaahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA oh and don't forget that I love food also
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Tis a word, my friend, tis a word~! *says in fancy British accent while twirling bushy mustache*