The Way She Moves

The Way She Moves

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MG. By HeartlessVibes Updated Oct 17

° Zendaya has been living in her sister's shadow for years now, unable to escape the relentless standards everybody expects her to live up to and the torturous secret thats been haunting her.

Until Zendaya meets a guy who shows her not only does everybody have secrets but some are worse and far more destructive than others.°

/Cute ass cover by @xenomorphius\

dayamareexo dayamareexo Aug 15
This is perfect ✨ omg I love all your books so much! I've been waiting for a new one and it's great 💘
Omg I love this so much I can't wait for more updates and more zevor 💗😘😊👏 please update soon 😘💗
xWavvyyx xWavvyyx Aug 19
Last time SHE checked, YOU were up and personal on a girl 🙅
dayaxlaw dayaxlaw Aug 15
Sebastian Stan. Lol he too old for her but still 😂😂 imma imagine him as Seb. One of my favourite names ever
dayaxlaw dayaxlaw Aug 17
Assfghjkll it's 2:02am and I have work at 10 and I was about to go to sleep but this just popped up in my notifs how tf am I supposed to sleep without reading ittt
dayaxlaw dayaxlaw Aug 16
Rereading the chapter and I just realised how hard this sentence hit me. So darn cute