Descendant (divergent an fiction)

Descendant (divergent an fiction)

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*Warning for spoilers of any of the books*

After the war, Tris is still dead but what if she had a daughter first? And left Tobias as a single father? Well this is about Harper Nicole Eaton. I also am bringing Uriah back and if someone is supposed to be dead- and is in my book- I just brought them back but itll be mostly about their kids. Will, Al, and Marlene are dead. 

After Tris's death, Tobias takes Harper back to Chicago but the rules have been far stretched. They kept the factions for those who still believed but now the gate has been permanently open. 

Tobias is the usual protective dad because Harper is all he has and all he has to love anymore. And Harper looking exactly like Tris, and acting exactly like her seems like a piece of her is still with him.


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SongofLightandShadow SongofLightandShadow Mar 21, 2017
How is Eric still alive? Unless of course this is his evil-er twin or something. 😆
distressedSkeleton distressedSkeleton Mar 11, 2017
I love it. I mean I run into a few misspellings but that's all! I love the characters and how it flows!
-januaryembers -januaryembers Jan 13, 2017
Feedback: I really like this chapter. There are a few grammar mistakes here and there but overall very clean writing. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter
puremalum puremalum Jan 25, 2017
                              first, i was so caught up and wanting to read the next chapter i honestly forgot i was supposed to comment lmao
                              but anyway, the only thing here is a few grammar mistakes, which happens to everyone
                              again, fantastic chapter!
Themysticalbook Themysticalbook Aug 02, 2016
I was smiling uncontrollably while reading this chapter. HARPER MET AMARYLLIS.
-januaryembers -januaryembers Jan 13, 2017
Feedback: seriously still love this so far, the pacing and phrasing is very good. Again. Small grammar mistakes and maybe u could improve on... uh. Lol I can't think of anything it's so good😂