The New Girl in Town

The New Girl in Town

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Katiee By katiebug_0123 Updated Jun 21

Blake has been kicked out of 29 schools went to jail 3 times in the last year. Her parents send her and her brother, Jake to her uncles house for a new start. What happens when she meets the towns bad boy, Kayden and he take an interest in her. What will happen will it be love at first sight?or love at first fight? 

     Blake is 5'4 and a half and 18 years old. She has blonde hair ends mid back. Has blue eyes. a sleeve of tattoos on right arm and one single tattoo on left arm has a tattoo on back. And her back dimples pierced. Is new in California, gang leader of the serpents. She party's street fights and street racer, she goes by the name blaze and is undefeated in racing and fighting. 
      Kayden is 6'4 and is 18 years old. He has dark brown hair that is messed up all the time. Has grey eyes. A sleeve of tattoos on left arm and tattoos across his chest. Has ears pierced. Is the bad boy of the town, gang leader of snipers. He smokes, party's, street fights, and street races and plays girls. That is until he sees Blake the new girl. 

A/N this is my first story sorry if it sucks

zjfoster115 zjfoster115 Mar 24
yall do understand that that's his niece right THAT'S WRONG. I'm sorry but you just cannot date your niece bro sorry it's WRONG!!!!!!!
I flipping knew this guy😂😂 (this is the second time he's been in a book)
finally a non cringe outfit. i'm sick of seeing those all galaxy and emoji outfits
Umm...ehh...uhh...ewwwwwww stinky 
dragon3609 dragon3609 Sep 12
HUSKY PUPPY OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!fyi when i read the FIRST sentence i was like omg i just found the best book ever XD PEACE!
The fact he's wearing a Aeropostale sweatshirt that reminds me of perry the platypus makes me laugh at the thought of him being "bad aśš" 😂 I mean perry the platypus could be badaśś idk anymore... 😂