Sex Teachers E.D G.D

Sex Teachers E.D G.D

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❤☁☪ By DolanTwinDirtyWriter Updated a day ago

Grayson gives you sex lessons but deep down you know you want Ethan. But Ethan has a girlfriend. Grayson has feelings for you. What will you do? 

Find out.....

Hehehehe I love cliffs so warning

And mature content duh

XxHoraxX XxHoraxX 2 days ago
I can imagine Ethan kissing his middle finger and raising it while singing " i fūckin hate you" in the hunger games whistle
Dolan_Covers Dolan_Covers a day ago
Omg this is hilarious! Only true Dolan twins fans would get the reference😂
lolkyah lolkyah 6 days ago
Me every time my little bro is being a pest and wants to come in when im in my chill zone (we share a room)
XxHoraxX XxHoraxX 2 days ago
                              Bih must be having a seizer after dat
XxHoraxX XxHoraxX 2 days ago
Agddjjfhjh 'make me proud ' by drake just came on gotta bust