Lets Fall in Love again |✔️

Lets Fall in Love again |✔️

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'Leave me , You animal.' Falak screamed and Zahi looked at her then leaned more closer to her.

'Well you are the one who chooses that animal to marry and love.' Zahi said while tears started coming out from her eye due to pain and his griped little bit loose on her.

'I know you are biggest mistake of my life.' Falak screamed back while glaring at him. 

'You are right I was indeed a mistake of your life.' Zahi said coldly while they were looking at each other then he moved away and walked out. 

Zahi Afghan and Falak Sher have been together from past  four years , they had love marriage but with the time they start having distances between them. Their love lost in their busy life while Falak complain that Zahi never give her time and its all about his work and Zahi complain that she never understand him. He thinks that he work for their future. After having every night's fights and arguments when  they even start living in different rooms under one roof Falak decided to get divorce and Zahi agreed on it as well. But what will happen when Zahi's parents who lived in different country came to visit them for six months and in Zahi's family divorce is not allowed. So they decided to pretend of being happy couple for six months then get divorce but destiny have different plans for them because some time two people have to get separated to realized their love again. Sometime we have to fell in  love with the same person all over again. They have to go thought the pain and suffer while recognized their love for each other.

It was his responsibility to wake up at morning.  We have alarm nowadays..  Has he ever heard of it...?
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Apr 10
Four years togetherness is big time 😍
                              Pls don't leave each other plssssss❤️❤️❤️
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Apr 10
Pls patch up lol 
                              I can't believe I am saying this since chapter one only 
                              How am I gonna read further 😬
                              But I love this book 😘❤️😍
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Apr 10
Loveddddd reading the chapter looking forward to read more ❤️❤️
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Apr 10
Oh so u know him so well...what's so wrong in ur relationship :( I want them together 😢
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Apr 10
That hurtsss!!! 
                              Wish they won't say such words to each other