Loser | Jojian

Loser | Jojian

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(How to) basic bitch By Candy-O Updated Nov 06, 2016

Joji's the kid everybody wants to be. He's smart, musically talented, he's popular, and he's the teacher's pet. Who wouldn't want to be him? 

Ian's practically the opposite. Ian's the shy nerd with self esteem issues. He spends most of his time reading or playing video games. Of course, because of all of this he's constantly minorly bullied. 

Why would anybody be friends with Ian? Why would anybody want to date him? Despite those thoughts, Joji just can't get Ian out of his head.

Princess_Roselina Princess_Roselina Nov 24, 2016
...... everyone knows who Metallica are. Lol?  Even if you have never listened to a song you know who Metallica is because "edgy" kids wear the shirts.
Levi_The_Shorty Levi_The_Shorty Dec 04, 2016
I was at camp and I started to develop feelings for this person and on the second day they pullED OUT THEIR UKULELE AND PLAYED THIS SONG AND I'M JUST JSZOWOSOKAJWMWKODOAMW (I had talked to them for a few times so it wasn't none of that love at first sight)
softcoresnuff softcoresnuff Sep 10, 2016
almost all the kids from my school started going by bus in second grade lol
Silver71600 Silver71600 Dec 23, 2016
As I read that line the jolly rancher came on and said "Keep on sucking" the hell? Lmao
Princess_Roselina Princess_Roselina Nov 24, 2016
That would be impossible for me. My house is two cities over from my school. Lol.
D0itsu D0itsu Nov 18, 2016
this isn't related to this but im so scared that they are going to faLL