Loser | Jojian

Loser | Jojian

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Queen of Dad Jokes By Candy-O Updated Apr 14, 2017

Joji's the kid everybody wants to be. He's smart, musically talented, he's popular, and he's the teacher's pet. Who wouldn't want to be him? 

Ian's practically the opposite. Ian's the shy nerd with self esteem issues. He spends most of his time reading or playing video games. Of course, because of all of this he's constantly minorly bullied. 

Why would anybody be friends with Ian? Why would anybody want to date him? Despite those thoughts, Joji just can't get Ian out of his head.

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I lick one dick and now everyone is calling me gay?!!? What the hell mann
goawaycunt goawaycunt Apr 03, 2017
My school doesn't have a bus system... probably cause I live in a city
gottalovecats gottalovecats Mar 19, 2017
You can send me to Dean any time you want ;) 
                              Supernatural anyone???
                              Ok then
crust-dust crust-dust Apr 25, 2017
i live 20+ miles from my school so i can't rly walk i wish i could tho the bus sucksss
slitpig slitpig Sep 10, 2016
almost all the kids from my school started going by bus in second grade lol
ShesSoNice ShesSoNice Feb 10, 2017
There's a lot of murders and rapes right behind my house so my moms like nope lol