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No Matter What // Harry Styles AU -- Dunkirk inspired

No Matter What // Harry Styles AU -- Dunkirk inspired

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W By blahblahriot Updated Mar 19

"In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are." - Kristin Hannah

October of 1938, England. 
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain has promised peace for Europe. This promise slowly begins to unravel at the seams as British headlines describe a world very different from the one promised by their leader. 

In Spain, civil war rages on. In Germany, riots take place in the streets as stories of unspeakable cruelty slowly make their way across the continent. In France, the government has finally finished creating a line of concrete fortifications that run along it's eastern border.

Contrary to the wishes of the hopeful, Europe lies dangerously on the precipice of war.

Yet, in a time of terrific upheaval, a beautiful young girl sets sail on her own journey across the Atlantic ocean from New York to England. Tasked with the simple goal of aiding an ailing grandfather, her real journey will be one of finding tremendous love in a world that so desperately wants war.

Dunkirk inspired.

I find it ironic that today I had history exam about World war II. and now I'm reading a story that takes place at that time 😂😂😂
hazzasfire hazzasfire Jan 19
now that i can picture him he's quite handsome but has an evil soul
I love your writing - I think you include enough detail to help me create a great picture of the story in my mind. I also LOVE that you chose present tense and stuck with it (lol - one of my pet peeves is when stories keep changing from past to present, but you might already know that.)
Okay, I don't know if you noticed but I read and voted through Chapter 12 or something like that, and that was just last night! But I was in bed reading on my phone and I hate leaving comments when I'm on my phone because it's very awkward, so I'm going to backtrack and start commenting now :D