The Little Alpha

The Little Alpha

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He is feared among the entire werewolf world. There is no one that doesnt know his legend. 

He is said to murder anyone that crosses his path and blood soaks his clothes. Standing at over 6 feet with muscles and a glare that can murder on sight. He built and co trolled the strongest pack within the last 7 years.

He is cold hearted, ruthless, and has a attitude that keeps people away. He is the strongest werewolf and is the alpha of the strongest and largest pack.

This rumored wolf is actually a 16 year old boy named Alexander Hudson. He is 5 feet, skinny, but dont underestimate him. He has black long hair that flows softly and red eyes that are usually mistaken for contacts

The rumors do hold truth though. This little alpha can kill with his eyes closed but hides his blood lust. He kills with a smile.

So what happens when he meets his mate?

FireAngel02 FireAngel02 Sep 13
I've hardly read this and I already swear your my twin brother.
coydog coydog Nov 11
Total slaughter, total slaughter, I won't leave a single man alive, La di Da di dai, General sai, La di Da di dud, an ocean of blood, let's begin The Killing Time.
elmalian elmalian 6 days ago
Good choice of song the rhythm at first sounds soft but as soon as the song plays i was shocked i mean real shocked just like alex
shiroiokemi shiroiokemi Nov 05
the volume is on 100 i got so scared i fell off my chair and broke my headphones while screaming sweet honey ice tea when the song started playing 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
I'M A DEMON XD but not just one ordinary demon *grins insanely* IM SATAN'S DAUTHER AND I HAVE A SISTER TOO *starts to giggle* this chapter was wonderful by the way author-san
FireAngel02 FireAngel02 Sep 13
Evil, laughs at the pain of others, half demon. I swear your my twin! Except I'm a vampire not wolf.