The Little Alpha

The Little Alpha

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He is feared among the entire werewolf world. There is no one that doesnt know his legend. 

He is said to murder anyone that crosses his path and blood soaks his clothes. Standing at over 6 feet with muscles and a glare that can murder on sight. He built and co trolled the strongest pack within the last 7 years.

He is cold hearted, ruthless, and has a attitude that keeps people away. He is the strongest werewolf and is the alpha of the strongest and largest pack.

This rumored wolf is actually a 16 year old boy named Alexander Hudson. He is 5 feet, skinny, but dont underestimate him. He has black long hair that flows softly and red eyes that are usually mistaken for contacts

The rumors do hold truth though. This little alpha can kill with his eyes closed but hides his blood lust. He kills with a smile.

So what happens when he meets his mate?

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  • boyxboy
  • dominant
  • killing
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maddox_AKA_max maddox_AKA_max Dec 09, 2017
Oh my gosh I love the cover it actually made me want to read the book and love it even before I started readin it along with the description especially because everyone thinks I'm crazy because I laughed when people died in a movie but I'm completely normal kinda
_gbunny7 _gbunny7 Jul 02, 2017
If anyone has ever seen D.gray-man then you'd get this. I think he looks like Yu Kanda. Just the description.
_gbunny7 _gbunny7 Jul 02, 2017
He reminds me of Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 Version. Cuz wrath is a kid and all and has long hair and is a bit crazy.
TheCaster369 TheCaster369 Sep 19, 2017
OMG! I'm totally fangirling over here. He's so cute and vicious. I love it!
delayonelife delayonelife Sep 21, 2017
Oh I see one of my offsprings have made it big. Make mama Lucifer proud!😃😃
CatsKillsTheChildren CatsKillsTheChildren Mar 27, 2017
X3 i see we wont get along since im a demon cat but heeeeeey dont hate me