She's My Bad Girl

She's My Bad Girl

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"You'll never get me to fall in love! So stop trying!" She glares at me and climbs up the fence.

'Hey stop! Hailey!' I call out running after her. 

I finally caught up to her and I grab her wrist. 'Stop.' I order.

"Let go of me you dink!" She struggles to escape from my tight grip. I lean my face towards hers and smirk. "Th-This isn't funny, Kevin! Stop! Stop it!"

I plant a quick kiss on her lips and ran for it. She didn't move. I went back. Guilt. 

'Hailey? You okay? I'm sorry... Hailey? Look at me, Please...' 

She doesn't look at me. What have I done?! 

She looks up and gives me a death stare. "I'll give five seconds to run..."

I stayed there. I'm ready to get my punishment.


She clenches her fists.


I want her to punch me...



"Five... Why are you still here?"

"Because I want to..."

I closed my eyes and waited for her fist to punch me. Instead, I felt her warm lips on mine.

That's my Bad Girl...

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maunie17 maunie17 Oct 12
I hate friends like this😕🤔😑 for some reason I don't know why. But if its a boy I don't like, why would I want to be always be around him or anywhere with him for that matter?🙄🤔😕😂
sansmots14 sansmots14 Mar 22
Only if u kill each ot4hew. Which at the moment seems...very likely
queen_blonde13 queen_blonde13 Dec 23, 2016
OMG!! This Prologue Leer ed me into reading this book! I bet it's gonna be so good. Can't wait to read  the rest 😊😊
My best friends think I and some popular guy will be a good couple
They will totally fall in love and be a total badass power couple