The Cold Hearted Beauty and Little Beast(After Story: Yakuza)

The Cold Hearted Beauty and Little Beast(After Story: Yakuza)

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tessyoc By tessyoc Updated Dec 10, 2016

The story takes place nine years after the events of the first book.

Michiro Shindo is eighteen years old and a college freshman, his boyfriend is Shingu Ichinose, the notorious, impulsive and daring leader of the Shingu clan. Due to Michiro's school and Shingu's work, they hardly have time for each other so decide to live together.

All seems well but then again, Michiro doesn't really know what goes on in the Shingu clan, learning of the life threatening jobs, he is fearful for Shingu's life.

Can he really be with someone who  each time he lives home, has a fifty percent chance of getting killed?

Sequel to Cold Hearted Beauty and the Little Beast.

Started: Aug 8, 2015

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