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Are You Deranged Like Me? [Joker X Reader] + Suicide Squad

Are You Deranged Like Me? [Joker X Reader] + Suicide Squad

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♚ By NutellaTrash Updated Jul 14

❝ You should put this gun down before you get hurt Pumpkin,❞ Joker chuckles as he taps the hand gun.
 ❝ Why should I?❞ I growl intensely. I don't trust him exactly. I mean would you trust one of the top criminals in the world?
 ❝  Would you like die in a matter of seconds?❞ Joker asks.
  ❝ I'd rather not.❞ I answered.

Nah he should have said "Don't hurt me. I'll be your friend"
Ember_Wolfe Ember_Wolfe Jun 06
Our? You think we're sharing this room? HAHAHAHAHA.....yeah no you get....hmm let's see....oh yeah the backyard
Okay, I could do that, or I could do THIS! *shoot him in the face* Sorry not sorry Puddin!
Tbh I don't rlly ship them I always thought they had sister, brother relationship like it said online ad in some of the other fanfics thts just my opinion so no one plss get mad at me
scark2000 scark2000 Jul 07
Am I the only one who would NOT mind sharing a bed with Mistah J? Delicious.
Our.....hahahhahahahhah.......Um........ Hahahhahahahhah...........Uh.......Hahahhahahahhah