Hidden Power (Natsu x Reader)

Hidden Power (Natsu x Reader)

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Cat-chan By fandomscollide_03 Updated Aug 15, 2017

[Hidden series: Book 1] (Under Editing) 
     (Y/N) is a powerful dragon slayer that was trained by the dragon Artemis (I made it up sorry I know it's bad) until she leaves on July 7, 777. (Y/N) is devastated and searched for months until she (or he) has to make money for food. After a few hard years (Y/N) meets Natsu (after he joins Fairy Tail). He was out on a job when he found you. You told him you did charm magic, because your mom taught you a little before she died. You can't tell him or show your real power, because if they knew something bad would happen. Together you join Fairy Tail. You go on many solo jobs, so you can use your real power. On one job years after you joined Fairy Tail the guild is informed that you were killed on a job. Years later an exceed bursts through the doors saying that she knows where 
(Y/n) is. Will the guild believe her and follow her to a hard battle or laugh at her. 

Read to find out what happens. 

Happy: Come on Cat-chan post a chapter so they CAN see what happens!

Cat-chan: Fine *runs off and writes first chapter*

Happy: Yes it worked! And that means I can do the honors! Cat-chan doesn't own Fairy Tail no matter how much she wish she did. Hiro Moshima does! The only thing she owns is the plot and the cover. So no stealing! And what else are you waiting for press the read button!

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XxNiyahDeNerdxX XxNiyahDeNerdxX May 23, 2017
What de heck Damien I thought u loved my sister u ding dong.... Inside joke between me and my fam
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Cirrus? The cloud? If you don't know what cirrus is its a type of cloud
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alright, I am totally not a 5 year old child that just saw her WHOLE family get killed
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