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To see her Smile (Antisepticeye X reader)

To see her Smile (Antisepticeye X reader)

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HybridIDK By Signe_Delta Updated 4 days ago

Y/n L/n, was just an ordinary girl, except her tragic past. Her father, mother and brother were murdered at the age of 5 and she witnessed it all, all she saw were two mysterious figures. She has not been able to find whom were the ones responsible for her parents and her brother's death. She will soon find out a new emotion called... Love... "I haven't lost my smile at all... It's  right under my nose... I just forgot it was there"

I have no favorite show........ ._. How about.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................... I got nothing... BUT I WILL GO WITH REESES PUFFS FOR MAH CEREAL THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Favorite show is Bobs Burgers and favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats
u can't kill me i have gun hide under my sofa ( im serious (/°ヮ•)/
If only septiplier was still alive.... WAIT, YOU TRYNA KILL ME BATCH #^^$"^$&=:*/ I KNOW 15 TYPES OF KUNG-FOO
WELL if I'm wearing a blood red jacket, it either looks like I murdered someone, or I used that jacket as a tampon. XF
But I'm Lucifer.
                              L: no I'm Lucifer! You're just my counter-part!
                              As if!
                              L:you wanna go?!
                              Not really, we FIGHT so many times.
                              L: so you're a chicken?
                              LET'S GO
                              *COMMENCE SPARTA WAR SCENE*