Vocaloid Meisters [ Book 1 in the Vocaloid Meisters series ]

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Dave Strider By The_Dave Completed
Vocaloid and Soul Eater twist!~ Lexie and Nicki are just two average teenagers, until they recieve an invitation from a mysterious person named Shinigami. Is their lives suddenly turned upside down? And what is CV02 Rin and Len? Are they real? What's Vocaloid?
awww if only there was gumi :33 lololol pretty good so far ^^ just a little weirded out cause you write in text format, not actual writing format
Probably~ .... BRB~! *runs away and then comes back* Ello~ Back, This is Akahana, my UTAU, say hello Akahana. Akahana: Hello? *she sees TeTo* O my Buddha! TETOOOOOOO~~! *she runs after Teto* ..Shes a a tinsy weensy bit of a Teto fan... yeah...
@RenRenxD ... oh ok? BAI OLIVER! *waves, walks up to you* ... your rooms filled with Vocaloids...
@RenRenxD Awwww~ sad day.... Then i'll be that random creeper that lives in your closet.... wait that's KAITO.. Dangit! (Sorry to all the people who like KAITO.. my friends and i think he acts some much like a creeper.. especially how he likes icecream so much O.o)
@RenRenxD Most definantly amazing person! This story is AMAZING~ I think we should be besties~ XD.
*FANGIRL SQUEAL, mom walks in*  O.o .... *she slowly backs out* oops?