In The Asylum (Solangelo Mortal AU)

In The Asylum (Solangelo Mortal AU)

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The Fabulous Amaimon By Forever_Solangelo Updated Sep 23, 2017

Nico has had depression for as long as he can remember. After attempting suicide, he finds himself in a Mental Institution. An asylum for people with mental disorders. No matter how much Nico wants to be alone, he quickly finds himself making friends. He becomes friends with a Pyromaniac, some girl with a strange obsession with rocks, a guy who believes he can turn into animals, two other boys who suffer from schizophrenia, one believes he can fly and control lightning, while the other believes they are able to talk to sea creatures, equestrian mammals, and can breath underwater. Nico also becomes acquainted with a blonde girl, who currently volunteers at the mental asylum. Nico also meets a kleptomaniac girl. After a while of being at Half-Blood Mental Institution and Asylum, a new patient arrives. They don't seem to have anything wrong with him, but everyone here has their secrets. So what's his?


Rated M for self harm, suicide, eating disorders, swearing, abuse, homophobia, etc.

  • abuse
  • boyxboy
  • depressed
  • depression
  • diangelo
  • kleptomaniac
  • mentalhospital
  • mentalillnesses
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  • nicodiangelo
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  • ptsd
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  • self-harm
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Webkinzluver5 Webkinzluver5 Jun 08, 2017
Let's do this *gets out popcorn,butterbeer and chocolate* 🍚🍺🍫
An_Empty_Cup_of_Tea An_Empty_Cup_of_Tea Dec 01, 2017
STOP TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF. *revives Nico and flings him at Will*
                              Stay alive, my cinnamon roll
Hanran-gun Hanran-gun Oct 01, 2017
Uh oh, I better start stretching I'm going to be typing some long rants
Solangelo-is-my-OTP Solangelo-is-my-OTP Sep 08, 2017
Nice. Is it weird the more the depressing it it for me the better?
Jsfan123 Jsfan123 Nov 11, 2016
I've read soooooo many suicidal and self harm-y things and fanfics but honestly this has got to be the one that triggered me the most
Forever_Solangelo Forever_Solangelo Sep 12, 2016
Where's 'there'? Sorry, excuse my confusion. That's just my easily lost mind. 😂😂