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My Puppy || Lirry || Hybrid AU

My Puppy || Lirry || Hybrid AU

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Unknowndirectioner1 By Unknowndirectioner1 Updated Oct 12, 2016

          ~ I made Liam smaller, and younger, than the rest of the boys (though, not to the point of underage! Say around 16-17, ish.), purely for the benefit of the story. If this upsets, annoys, or offends you in any way, or for whatever reason, I apologise now.
          ~ This does contain the use of hybrids, as well as boyxboy content, so if you are uncomfortable with either of these things, I suggest that, perhaps, this story is not for you, and would recommended that you do not start this story, to avoid disappointment, on both your part and mine. Unless you wish to read this at your own risk, in which case I take no fault in anything that may disappoint/offend you in any way. (Constructive criticism is welcome, and I will request you send some, if you feel a point is needed to be made.) 
          ~ And lastly; I, of course, do not own one direction, nor do I claim to. The writing, plot, and storyline though, is completely my own, brought up from my own imagination, and I...

ThatOnexFan ThatOnexFan Apr 30, 2016
I love how everyone else here is talking about how they read 'large cock' while I'm hear like - wtf is a present doing here at 2 in the morning XD
kellycloud123 kellycloud123 Feb 02, 2016
16-17ish is underage in the USA the legal age is 18 years old
_Bluntlesszouis_ _Bluntlesszouis_ Apr 08, 2015
what ....I thought I read "large cock" and I was like Harry we know it's big but my god in the morning really
paynefullife paynefullife Oct 26, 2014
Hahahaha yes. That's exactly what my mother would write also.
DADDYxAF DADDYxAF Jul 13, 2014
I thought it said "large cock" instead of "large clock" and almost flipped out
AmberWalkerIddles AmberWalkerIddles Dec 06, 2013
Please please please update it please its so good I love it I can't wait for more :) <3