To my right, large black flat rocks stretched over little posts. From the conversations I overheard, they were called "Tay-bulls". On these tay-bulls were little flat pieces of white stuff that the two-legs were repeatedly doing something to with bright orange sticks in their hands. I was curious to know what they were, but too afraid to move. I had heard tales like this from the mad-men in my town, but I always thought that their stories of two-leg abductions were just a load of bubbles. 
    Now I knew better.
My first thought was omg alien abduction :0 but then I thought she might be the alien, then I realised she was a mermaid! I loved this, it was really unique :)
                                    i had a feeling that she was a mermaid the whole time, but the way you wrote it had me thinking some other're such a beautiful writer and the way you string your words together are like magic.
                                    loves you, angy baby! <3
This is very creative! Using the picture I gave you, you made a whole other story with it! This is very good! :)
Like I said, I completely loved it Ang! I still can't guess what it's based around... but yeah, I am addicted to your writing!
                                    DAMN YOU ANG! Grrr.
                                    But just... like... ugh, you're a beautiful writer, m'dear <3
Awh that's sad :( Poor thing.
                                    It was incredible though!! really creative!