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Lost Boy [9] bxb 18+

Lost Boy [9] bxb 18+

143K Reads 17.6K Votes 50 Part Story
Rise and Grind By DeanneAdams Completed

Book 9 of the Dominant Doctor Series


Bahamianprincess Bahamianprincess Aug 18, 2016
Ok i just finished book 8 and im drying my tears. This little pun helped a bit. I want this shirt tho @DeanneAdams do you know where i can get it?
laurynbrenet laurynbrenet Aug 09, 2016
I just want to cry. Im that girl from mean girls who didn't even attend the school! Deanne, you always seem to leave me broken with this series.
feminineprince feminineprince Aug 08, 2016
The way I described what I'm feeling right now to my friend was, "It's like I'm falling off the tallest building in the world but stacked on top of each other 10 times"
laurynbrenet laurynbrenet Aug 09, 2016
I love this song and now it will never be the same for me. I will probably be sobbing when i listen to it.
Fangirl0320 Fangirl0320 Dec 01, 2016
and now to finally get the context for the title of this book, it's like you wanted me on the verge of tears before i even started reading
Vanay67 Vanay67 Aug 19, 2016
I knew that song came from the devil and now I'm even more certain